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Pre nodules

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I have a 9 year old daughter who learns and practices Indian Classical music. She started having voice hoarseness 2 weeks ago. went and checked with ENT who diagnozed it as pre nodules and voice rest rest of couple of more weeks should make it go away. But also suggested voice therapy for further maintenance and learning of music. When checked around on the internet, I stumbled upon this forum which appears to be very well informing to the patients. What is your advice for my daughter?

She has been learning for past 5 years but the rigorous practice started about 1-2 yrs ago on an average of 1.5 hrs a day. Should this have caused the nodules to appear? Also another point of mention is her voice sounded perfectly fine but just went to hoarseness in about 5-10 mins during her class.

This is a very concerned mom asking for help/advice since she has developed interest in the few years and an aspiring learner/singer/performer. She has years of learning and practices and performances ahead and would like to make sure she is able to continue learning without any further damage to her voice.

Any help on this regard is much appreciated.


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