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Kamelot - Don't You Cry Help

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Hey guys, I want to try and cover "Don't You Cry" by Kamelot... I have having a hard time in the chorus - I can't reach the high notes without making it sound like a metal scream. If I lower the air pressure, nothing comes out.. In theory, if I can scream it, shouldn't I be able to sing it quietly and soft?

Maybe it is just too high for me, but I have always chosen songs that were too high for me lol. Any advice would be helpful I'm sure.


Here is the video in case you guys need to hear the chorus


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methinks that Keith is as much of a Kamelot fan as I am. And I know the part to which he is referring. During the chorus, Roy Khan sings some high notes, but he doesn't belt them out. He almost does it in a falsetto, but he does't sing it loud. It's a beautiful song, but very tough to do...Roy is definitely a one of a kind when it comes to vocalists.

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The first chorus starts at 1:22 - the high notes in there - when he sings "don't you cry or suffer over me", and the next part that is even higher..

i have some experience with this when singing this song:


really relaxed jaw and throat

direct the air up and back while raising the soft palate.

almost like you would to yodel, only less sonically apparant. i love this song!

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