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Get out alive (Three Days Grace)

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Today was a very rare day. I was ahead enough of my work to not spend my whole day on it, didn't have lessons, and was all by myself at home.

And wow, has it been a very long time since I last recorded myself. Even longer since I last submitted it here :P

I had a lot of fun going through some of my most troublesome songs. I'm afraid I'll have to hold on some more for the " it's been a year since I first recorded this and that song " that I wanted to do, since I wanted to try my hand at some Three Days Grace stuff.

So this is Get out Alive.


I did let all the rasp out. I'm not 100% sure I can do it " right and healthy " for the moment. Ran some compression over it.

I'm definitely not there yet x)

Any comment welcomed.

As a side note, I also did some Pink that I wanted to share, so here it is :P


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First off, it's nice to finally hear your voice. I don't know if you have a different mic or finally had enough confidence to get closer to the mic and put some breath into it.

"Get Out Alive." Even though you don't sound like him (because you are not british), your voice reminded me of the velvety quality of Gordon Sumner. People are saying "Who is Gordon Sumner?" That's the real name of Sting.

On "Pink," you sang it like Steven, even though you don't sound like him. What I mean is that you sang it with same sweet emotion and that is more important than some ability or attempt to match the exact timbre of another voice. There were a few pitchy spots that I think could be adjusted by brightening the tone by using a slight smile.

You, Ronron, are a "sleeper." You are a real rock star, in waiting.

Just for an experiment, I wonder how you would sound on "Fields of Holly." Or "Every Breath You Take."

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