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Forum Rules - Please Note

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Adolph Namlik

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It is the intent of "The Modern Vocalist Forum" to provide an informative and professional "environment" for all of our members.

However, in recent weeks it has come to my attention via email complaints AND my daily review of posts that certain members have posted comments contrary to the "Forum Rules". Specifically, the most common "infraction" has been in violation of Rule 5 - " Do not post messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or are otherwise of questionable content (if you have to ask, the answer is 'No.')".

As many of you may have noticed as well, I have been editing said obscene language, and unnecessary "expletives". In addition, there has also been comments in violation of Rule 6 - "Maintain respect for others and refrain from insults or belittling other peoples postings....". i.e. "retarded".

Please keep in mind that there are members who do not wish to view said inappropriate language. Additionally, the Forum is open to GUESTS (potential members), many of whom are youngsters or underage who do not wish to view this objectionable language and are offended by such comments.

Kindly keep in mind that the vast majority of our members strictly adhere to the Forum Rules, and we are extremely appreciative of their respect for others. Unfortunately, it is a "select few" who are in violation of said Rules and has necessitated this posting.

In the future, violations will not be tolerated :

First violation - Edit

Second violation - Temporary ban

Third violation : Permanent ban/deletion

In closing, please keep it "clean" and professional . Afterall, the members of The Modern Vocalist joined to learn and to enjoy the TMV "experience". There is a time and a place for the aforementioned "comments" and the Forum is NOT the place.

Sincere Regards,

Adolph Namlik

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