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How Does Josh Krajcik Get His Bluesy Growl

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I love this voice. What is he doing, exactly? The growl/distortion/grit sounds very fluid. I have never heard a teaching demo sound this good, so not sure if it's good technique or if he is doing damage.

Clip of Josh Krajcik from the X-Factor, Singing begins ~ 2:30:


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a lot of things are possible to make a singer sound a certain way


vocal development (tons of practice)

physiological endowment, (gift of nature)

support capability

intense commitment to what you're singing

and this sounds too simple to be true....he wills himself to that state of intensity

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I predicted Josh would be the winner of the show the first time I heard him, and I believe he's well on his way.

They REALLY need to do away with the judge mentoring, though. It ruins the show, and makes it all about the judge's egos rather than all about the contestants.

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