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Am i using twang correctly?

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Not sure if this is the right section I'm new here so sorry if i might have make some mistakes

I'm a bit new to the singing thing, and I have just recently studied the twang, but I get the feeling that I didn't use it correctly or maybe

I don't use any of it at all, I'm not sure because when I sing some notes aren't as full, and powerful, so how do i find this twang and add more of it into my singing?

here's an example of my singing btw sorry if it's bad quality


thanks in advance :D

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Hi Tony, I thought I would jump in here and help you out. I think your twang sounds good, fundamentally. There seems to be some intrinsic anchoring in there, which is preventing it from sounding too quaky, good work. However, your intrinsic anchoring package is wavering, you need to muscle up more on the tongue leveraging and drop your jaw and "bite" more on your embouchure and it will sound a lot better.

Also, what are you saying? Try just holding the lyric on a sustained pitch... holding your phonation package; jaw, vowel, air, tongue leveraging, bite, open your eyes, etc...

Are you taking any voice lessons or studying any training?


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I have a related question: After more extensive use of twanged head-voice (between an hour or two, or something like 10-15 songs in rehearsal) I have this sensation in the part of my vocal tract right above the cords, like the beginnings of an itch, a slight tingle, sometimes a slight scratch, which I take for the sensation of muscles exercised (the aryepiglottic sphincter, I would guess). Does anyone have a similar experience and is this normal?

I'm pretty sure that it's not my vocal cords since about half an hour after rehearsal I don't have any problems with my voice and it even feels more pliable and energetic. Any thoughts?

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