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Josh is not singing Rock lol. "Come what may" from Moulin Rouge

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Hi there,

No, you are not dreaming, I'm not gonna cover a Richie Kotzen song this time lol...

I decided to try something different, it's "come what may" from the movie "moulin rouge"my new girlfriend (that is a pro singer) wanted to do this song with me. And i love the song so i decided to work on it.

And ho my god, i'm so used to sing rock n roll that it have been really difficult to get something that you can call a take...

I realize that i DON'T have any low range. Impossible to sing on pitch below G ( not the low G, the one after the normal C).

So my take is pretty off-pitch and it was so hard to have a clean tone. It's a real challenge for me.

So please feel free to critizice and help me making my girlfriend happy and i want her to be proud of me ( haaaa love...)

Thanxs in advance and 3...2...1...Shooooooot


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