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Can I get some tips/feedback for the outer reaches of my range?

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The first clip is some low singing. I'm trying not to slip completely into fry register. That's pretty much the bottom for most days. I'm not really pushing here but this isn't the first take. Some takes I was. Does anyone have advice on how this can be made more consistent? There always seems to be phlegm that sneaks in.

2nd clip is ascending from chest into loud head voice. The 2nd time is probably the best. I mostly need to work on note offset and just holding them long enough to get my bearings. That's mostly psychological. I'm trying to slide between intervals rather than having a break or a lapse in connection. The end of the clip I'm just messing around.

3rd is trying to descend without any breaks at a constant volume. I have some success towards the end. I'm also concerned about the note onset. Any tips?

I'd also like to know if I am twanging here.


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