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Beginner seeking improvement

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Hi there!

I am a newbie seeking for advice on how to improve my singing.

I have been roaming for a while on this site which is very active and I have appreciated the posts and discussions of dedicated singers like JonPall or coaches like Robert Lunte.

I myself would like to become a good rock singer, particulary in the tenor's range (E4-E5). I am thinking about buying the "4 pillars" as far as the TVS method seems particulary to match my objectives.

I have tried the siren exercices and bridging techniques for a while and my head voice has slightly improved in terms of power and placement. I feel I could try to hit some really high (at least for me) notes.


I am having trouble with those notes. Sometimes, I lose my twang or something, and my singing sounds weaker and more falsetto-like. If you have any idea on how to keep the resonance (shall I modify some wovels or is there trouble in my support, or anything else?), it would be appreciated.

Also here another sample when I sing from in medium range, it may help since it could be a support issue...


Thx for help guys


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