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CVTers how do you practice?

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Billy Budapest

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Happy new year to u guys.

So I've had the CVT book now for about 9 months now. I've read it a few timesand have tried to work on some of the concepts. I must say that their terminology makes their method so much more confusing. That may be because I'm an older guy and have not heard the terms much before coming here and getting the CVT book.

I have Ken Tamplins program and have tried the SS program years ago. One thing I like about the SS program is that the audio stuff Takes you through the exercises one by one. To me, that's a good way to work.

With CVT, it's not like that. I've got this great book, but there's no audio that takes you through each thing from the ground up. There's a TON of audio to the program, but I absolutely cannot figure out just where to start with it.

The sound files, of which there are a ton, seem more like examples.

I know from reading here that Jonpaul and Guitarteck and Blackstarr seemed to have found a working methodology for CVT program, but I am overwhelmed. did u just lay the book out and then with a cd player go to the track that they referenced?

How did you work out a daily routine for this? Sorry, not trying to be dumb here, just looking for a way to tie this stuff together.


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Personally, when I did vocal exercises, they came mostly from "Raise your voice", "Sing for the stars" and "The rock 'n' roll singer's survival manual". And usually, in each training session I tried singing some songs - and that's when I used some of the CONCEPTS from the cvt book. The cvt book is more like a map of the voice (the way it looks to Catherine Sadoline), more so than an exercise routine.

But the book does give a rough outline or at least a hint on how a cvt vocal coach would work with a student. Last fall I finally experienced that for myself.

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Hey JP, Happy New Year!

To me it's got so much info, that its tough to know where to begin with the actual exercises. Did u use the second edition or the first? I bought the second and just this week got the first from a friend who was cleaning house. Yes, Jaime and Mark's books are great and they are both great guys and extremely helpful.

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