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I haven't seen a lot of discussion on this topic but have been delving in to it somewhat (thank you devaitis :)). What I have been working on is the chewing motion of the jaw while trying to keep the singing line uninterrupted and vowels flowing. basically been working with advice from this page written by David Jones...


This has helped me quite a bit with creating more ease on vowel production and helping to eliminate dead spots and off center resonance. The gentle chewing motion has done a couple of things for me that I wasn't doing consistently enough... keeping the tongue/ jaw muscles more relaxed and "particularly" finding certain vowel sounds I was jutting my jaw and didn't know. Even a little bit of jaw jutting can really interfere with free vibrating vocal folds. It's been a real eye opener for me... and I wonder just how common this may be.

Give it a read if you want and see if it helps. And any comments about singing with legato would be interesting to hear.

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