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Trying vocal distorsion and ended up growling

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Hi fellow vocalists, I really need your help

Now that I have worked on support and on my head voice, I have tried to work on vocal distorsion. I have no problem to do it and it doesn't hurt nor does it tires my voice me when I concentrate to do it properly. The problem is that I think I found another kind of distorsion of what is used in raspy rock. Its much heavier and it sound death-metal like if I use the vocal tract to make the sound darker. I got with the "angry whisper" primal sound.


Please, check it out and tell me. Is it FvF distorsion? If it is, how can I make it lighter

Also, note than if I try to get a lighter distorsion by "overtwanging" and holding, I simply end up creaking, at least in my medium range.

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In CVT terms, this is a grunt. You are using your fvf as well as vibrating the whole mechanism of the larynx. Outside of CVT I would say it's most commonly known as a false cord scream. This can be taken up to higher sounds (have a listen to Suicide Silence for some great examples) but is quite hard to achieve.

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thanks for replying!

I checked the CVT video about exrtreme vocal effects and this I guess is grunt indeed. The issue is that when I want to distort in a lighter way (only having the additional vibration of FvF), I end up grunting automatically. Its a cool sound (I also checked suicide Silence... didn't know you could take it that high) but it is not what I was searching for initially.

Basically, to find distorsion, one way is to think about being angry or having an angry sigh (ie after a rough day). I find I cannot isolate the FvF distorsion, its like everything is vibrating when I attempt to do it.

Any clue about it?

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