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First - rehydrate body & minimize unnecessary talking, especially over noise. I've worked with artists whose singing technique was pretty good, but got problems from coming-down/de-briefing the session over beer & background noise, or doing an extended meet-and-greet after a gig.

Vocally, try lip-buzzes, tongue-trills, or "zzzzz" on gentle patterns (1-3-5-3-1, 5-4-3-2-1, ) and/or pitch glides, mostly in midrange. Or -- use a straw like a kazoo, pucker around it in a semi-tight "ooo" and do glides or single tones, high-to-mid range, focusing the tone out through the straw. Scientists say that this changes the physics inside, "massage" vocal cords.

Actually massaging the throat (right on & around voice box), neck, & jaw-muscle areas can be nice too, with yawns & tongue stretches for the inner throat muscles; these bring circulation to help clear out metabolic waste-products, without adding to vibrational wear-and-tear. Any whole-body stretching that you do as a warmup can be repeated as cool-down.

Finally, a hot shower or other steam treatment when you get home helps relieve the immediate surface stress on the cords.

hope this helps --


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