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Time To Record A TMV Song

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With all the great singers on here atm, and I think there are even a couple of technicians, I think Robert should put together a tune with a selection of singers that have access to reasonable quality voice recording equipment, just mail over a verse each to who ever's mixing it...:P

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Gone are the days when recording equipment consisted of large reels and megaphones--or even awkward microphones. In the world we live in, recording equipment easily slips into your pocket and records your voice with good clarity. Once you own your own recorder, your life is forever changed and you accomplish tasks you never thought of before.



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Im up for that too. Face Melting Good Idea Matt.

Do you mean a jingle or a TMV Rock Opera Song? We need a bed track, well produced tune with no vocals on it that just loops a verse, bridge and chorus... then each singer can get a copy of the bed and work on thier verse, bridge and chorus.

Record your part and then we can master all the performances together into on combined epic TMV Rock Opera with TMV All Star Cast.

Make it so.


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