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Overtwanging vs. power push to get distortion

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Which method of getting distortion in your voice (particularly for high notes), do you think will tire your voice more quickly:

A) Achieving distortion via "overtwanging", i.e. twanging so much (putting in so much pharengeal voice) that the sounds starts to distort, kind of like I think the CVT guys are recommending. I'm not sure if the volume increases at all with this method, or if your vocal folds get any thicker (thus increasing volume).


B) Achieving distortion via a "power push" with your diaphragm (like Jamie Vendera talks about in his book, Raise your voice 2nd edition). With this method, you will probably add a bit more volume and "swell" the note a bit more just before it distorts.

I have the feeling that A) has the problem that you might tire out some specific muscles in your throat too quickly, and that B) has the problem that you're not completely relaxed you might get shouty and pull chest before your high notes start to actually distort.

Any comments would be most appreciated!

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And that's also why for instance CVT has labeled these effects because they sound different and are produced differently. These effects that deals with "noice" to the voice in CVT are:






These are all different and can also be combined.

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