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Preserving voice while on tour

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Hey guys! My band went on our first mini tour that past 5 days. I learned a lot about my voice. Things I can't do and things I can do.

Basically, I was on Halls and tea (w/honey) all tour; trying my best to sooth my throat since I use a mixture of screams and clean vocals. I'm not sure if there is any advice you guys can give me as to what I should be during after each show or if there's anything I can do before the show besides drinking water. Anything will help! Here's the link to my band in case you'd like to hear how I sound.




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Cant hear you here man, but the best things to recover are: water + rest.

Do you have a warm up routine? What about after the show, do you warm down? During warm ups, be sure to put the support to work.

If you go to our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/TheManchurianIncident) Then click on the 'Music/Shows' tab and you can click the song titles to play the tracks.

To be honest, I do not warm up. Nor do I warm down. I do drink lots of water and try to rest my voice before and after.

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Y certainly need a warm up / warm down routine.. Not for just touring, but for everytime you sing. And I mean everytime - even in the shower! My suggestion is to either search youtube for some or pay to have a skype lesson or 2 with a vocal coach who can better tell you what you need to do after listening to what and how you sing..

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Holy hell, thats some agressive stuff, me likes heheh :D

I would try figuring a warm up with something to get your support ready to match what you do on those screams/drive, what about some high scales on low volume and support the hell out of them? This way you should get more or less ready. But I dont think that messing up too much with warming ups during the tour is a good idea.

The warm downs are fine to use. Do a few backwards scales ending on fry and relaxing, let the support and the voice fall back almost to your speaking pattern and then dont talk for an hour. Should help a lot with recovery.

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Steam is as important as water you drink; cords REALLY like humidity.

Then look at Ingo Titze's youtube on warming up with a straw, it is the single best/safest all-purpose warmup & cool-down I know of. You also need to get serious training, in the longer run: I'd combine some pure "belcanto" classical technique (try several teachers until you find someone openminded, don't listen when they criticize your scream-stuff, just work on the "clean" parts) with theater-voice system such as Fitzmaurice or Lessac classes, for solid connection to your lower body & breath mechanics. If budget doesn't allow both, go with the theater folks as they understand high-intensity, emotional sounds.

Look at my friend Kate Devore's DVD on safe screaming, at totalvoice.com (theater technique).

What you are trying to do is a highly demanding "vocal athletics" and just like any other athletic enterprise, you can't expect a long career without care & preparation. It doesn't make you a sissy, it makes you smart... my whole book on lifestyle care might be useful, it includes a chapter on touring & another on warm-up philosophy...

As they used to say on "Hill Street Blues"

Let's be careful out there!

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  • Administrator

Always have some warm, minty tea brewed and ready to go as you are singing! This can really be helpful. Here is a company that has mint tea especially designed for singers. I have used it and its great. I used it during the entire filming of "The Four Pillars of Singing" 2.0 and without it, my video demonstrations on the most difficult workouts would not of been as good... I owe a lot to this tea.

Many people do not realize this, but I am also the inventor of this tea. I don't want to sound too self serving here, because I honestly want to help you and this tea really does help. Let me know if you have any questions.


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