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Opening up those high notes?

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So, I feel that I'm finally starting to get back on track after my major voice loss because of the december cold. My mix/higher register is still a little shaky, but at least it's coming back now.

I have a recording project starting up with a band quite far from where I live. They play progressive metal and if I can lay down some nice vocal tracks for them they could be used for their upcoming EP. Some parts in their vocal lines are super high, and I was wondering if anyone have some quick tips for me to open up my high notes more. When I have to sing very high prolonged through a whole phrase and a lot of text at the same time, it's as like my voice wants to "close down" a bit too much. Maybe I have too much twang or hold up there? Or maybe I could work more on vowel modification? I want those notes to sound a bit more "meaty". As of now it's a bit too "splatty".

Any tips are welcome.

The clip is from a recording last year, a funny song called "Dinosaurs in Space".


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