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tough part in a song

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here's a perfect example of a song i'm learning that calls for a lot of support and a virtually flawless execution of the note.

there's no room for error. forget it if you're not thoroughly warmed up.

the words are "take", "hear","sing" and "baby" and the note is a strong chesty sounding stacatto g4#.

what a bitch note....as i see it you can't underpower or you lose the ring, but if you push or punch it too hard you lose the resonance.

then there's an addtional challenge in the middle with "and learn to fly again, learn to live so free" back up to the g4#.

constrict and you're dead in the water.

these are the kinds of songs that you simply aren't going to get to greatness unless you work on your voice.

there is certain requisite competency (or natural gifts) needed to sing like this.

notice the difference between the recorded version in contrast to the live.

in this live version he clearly is having a tough go of it (he's usually flawless b.t.w. live)...great singer.

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Btw. lots of examples of the I curbing vowel, f.ex. when he sings "wings".

Bob, once I again I'll state that training how to sing songs like this is much more about trainings accuracy and muscle memory with your singing muscles than training those muscles to be stronger. I really suggest that you try to lower the volume when you sing this song and see just how little volume you can get away with while still keeping good cord closure and essentially the SAME SOUND as when you're singing near the limit of your volume that you can manage in your mix voice.

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In the live version - sometimes on those high notes he looks like he's putting in a lot of effort but note that on other same pitches he looks like he's NOT putting in much effortj - which leads us to conclude that he doesn't need THAT much effort to sing like this and when he's making those faces, he's very simply concentrating on the lyrics and not really contracting his abs very very hard.

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