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Cold As Ice - Foreigner (acoustic track)

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Hi guys.

I'm preparing to record this song with backing track, but before that I want to hear critique on this. I used ambience mic to record this one.

I think my voice is more clear without processing, so it is easier to catch mistakes.

Thanks for help.


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thank you for help, then I can see how much work is waiting for me to do.

Maybe I will never be able to sing like Gramm, Perry or Jamison but I have a lot of happiness with this challenge.

Thank you for your time and willing to help.

Special greeting for all of you classic rock singers, I see metal vocalists are majority here.

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Thank for replies.

I think each of you guys want to say one thing. This singing is not enough powerful that it should be, is it? I am sure it is the key - more full and confident sound.

thank you once again for help

Hi stew503

I am really glad for you time and willing to help me in this extra way.

So what do you want me to do Sir?

I can both tell you what I see in my mirror reflection or make a cam video me singing.


Stew I can't mail you.

I am from Poland.

1) Constant /s/

I usually pronounce /s/ like in my language which is more frontal then English one, top of the tongue touches a place close to teeth.

Differences between Polish /s/ (marked as red color) and English /s/ (original)


2) Constant /th/

We have not equivalent in Polish, so i ALWAYS try my best to imitate original English phonetic sound, but in the mirror I noticed I pulled out tongue more then it should be done.

Peak of my tongue touches edge of teeth, it isn't completely hide.

Differences analogous: Red - what I'm doing


And I hope it is clear.


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