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Hey Guys

I'm trying to get to grips with the CVT Grunting sound. Here is a clip of me giving it a go:


I am having difficulty not engaging my true cords, which can cause slight discomfort (this can be heard at the very end of the first grunt in the example) and secondly, I' not sure if I am engaging my false cords correctly. On the cd examples, it seems to take very little effort to make this sound and you can clearly hear the false cords vibrating freely. I am finding it difficult to get that "loose" sound from the FVF and engage them in the way I am supposed to. I get the most gritty and comfortable grunt using an "EE" sound (which is why i've mainly used that in the examples) and find it more difficult when singing more open vowels like "AH", as when I don't have my tongue positioned "up and back" I seem to lose the sound somewhat. It seems to me like maybe I'm not relaxed enough or I'm physically trying too hard to engage the FVF, I don't know...

Any input is much appreciated :)

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