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Pillars 2.0 vs Building

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I recently decided that I'll learn how to sing, no matter what! That put, and since there are no available coaches anywhere near here, my logical decision was to get a good method that could give me the tools to practice my singing "alone". After searching and reading a lot about the subject, I almost gave up due to the massive amount of people telling me that it is IMPOSSIBLE to become a decent singer using methods and studying by myself, but ultimately I decided to try it anyway. Well, my searching brought me here and Rob's flaming passion for what he does convinced me this might be the guy to help me "discover" my voice, but I don't know if I should go with "Pillars 2.0" or "Building you TVS Foundation". Is all of "Building..." included in Pillars, or is this something else, like some preparation for Pillars? Please note that I never sang in my life, I'm a complete beginner. I know it's going to be a loooooong journey, but I'm not in a rush and not afraid at all. I already play the guitar, and my goal is to be a "guitarist who can sing", but depending on how things develop, maybe further down the road I'll change to a "singer who can play the guitar". I dont even know if I posted this on the right forum, please forgive me if this should be somewhere else. Thanks a lot!

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Thank you very much for the support, guys. Unfortunately, I'm a little (a lot) short in $$$ at the moment, so I'll have to wait some more time to take skype lessons...in fact, even getting Pillars is a great effort right now, but I think it'll be worth it. I'm trying to make a dream come true, after all. :)

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Raven -

I hear you buddy.. been in the same situation, and probably exist there for the large part, like most normal people!! :)

However, I have to say this.. and its a tough one for people to buy into without having experienced it.. You can start a program, ANY program, and dive into it.. Some will definitely be better than others, but you will miss out on the most important thing while doing the training - getting FEEDBACK and constructive criticism. A coach like Rob can do that in a few seconds of hearing you sing / do an exercise. That is not something any program on dvd can or ever will offer.

The reason why this is important is that it will save you months of frustration and (possibly) doing the exercise incorrectly. Even 3 lessons initially are great, to get into the groove. If I could go back and start over, I'd probably do the lessons first and then get the program. Rob really is that good :) and No, I don't work for him!! hahahahaha..

best of luck, and reach out if you need more help.


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