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Great! The analogy with the guitar and natural harmonics hit home for me as a guitarist. A natural harmonic is sort of like overblowing on a flute; you're getting legitimate pitches with a reproducible accuracy, but it's just part of the game that the tone will be different. You can do this with falsetto, but it's not the same technique as "full voice" and it won't necessarily help you achieve that.

Btw I think it's interesting that for us people who are interested in the voice, the term "Speech Level Singing" is actually harmful, because anyone who knows anything about vocal science knows that speech and singing are not the same! SLS is a marketing technique, because the whole point of the technique is to make singing as easy as speaking. I am by no means an SLS advocate, but I do feel like it's important to note that very few SLS-styled coaches actually advocate singing like speaking, such as Roger Love, Brett Manning, Kevin Richards, Eric Arceneaux, and others. It's a teaching tool.

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I liked the guitar analogy, as well. I also like the appoggio explanation for transition from falsetto to full voice, something I can do.

And bravo for Franco pointing out the 800 pound (363.6 kg) gorilla in the middle of the room. The speaking voice is different than the singing voice because of the vowels. And I think, too, because of the breath.

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