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Wheezing on exhalation

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Hello there !

I'm currently having a case of ' could this be a (severe) problem or is it just my usual (hyper) hypocondria ?' about a wheezing sound when I exhale. Now let me start by saying that, as far as I can remember, I've always had some sort of wheezing on exhale, I attributed it to the series of asthmatic bronchitis I had when I were young. But it's never been this evident. And, I've never had problems with my voice before. None that a week's rest couldn't fix anyway.

Now I'm not saying I'm in vocal trouble now, maybe it was just a bad good day, maybe it was just that I was training on challenging songs for me, but it seemed I had to put in more efforts to have a worse sound than usual (which is a bad thing in my book). And then there's this accentuated wheezing I didn't give a thought until last week, and I'm like wondering if there could be a link between the two.

Any insight would be very appreciated, thanks :)

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Man, wheezing and bronchitis usually come together, and in my case a cold can easily trigger them. A cold affecting negatively your voice is also not such a surprise, thats what colds do :P.

However, since you say it has been a week and you are worried, I would see a doctor just to be sure. Im not aware of damage to the vocal folds that results in wheezing, unless you are feeling pressure on your throat when inhaling, they have absolutely nothing to do with it.

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Thank you for your answer :)

Well it just disappeared yesterday, which is weird (but welcomed !). I don't know. It felt like something in or near the throat was " resisting " some air flow resulting in a wheezing sound, but maybe I was just mistaken. Anyways, I'm resting my voice now, can't hurt to do that.

On the subject of bronchitis, I haven't had one since I was like 10. But before, I had like 6 every year. I think the lurking wheeze is one of its consequences.

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Yes, wheezing is a problem below the vocal cords. Annoying (especially if it "accompanies" our singing) but otherwise just a residue from the illness. Steam treatments, vaporizer in the bedroom, long showers etc might help. If it keeps up you might look on line for "Buteyko breathing," a technique developed for asthma that eases bronchial problems without medication, just breathing strategy. But it sounds like you're gonna be fine pretty soon.

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