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Sweet Candy - Review

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Nice job, Aria. It's good to hear some other styles in here.

I think this style of pop music has potential commercially, but I have a feeling you can polish your falsetto a bit if you can take just a bit a of air out of the tone and get a little more body. This might help a bit with pitch control and getting a bit more 'bite' in the music too.

There are apparently numerous ways of doing this, but almost all of them would probably involve less air blowing past your cords, good breath support, and a bit more cord closure. To be honest, I can hear little snippets and passages where you already partially getting this sound?

My theory is the key to succeeding with this kind of sound, is to get a bite or edge to it. My favorite terminology is CVT and they have suggestions for steering it towards more body with either twang or cry and vowel modifications along with using less air in the tone.

I would suggest above all is getting lessons with someone very competent and experienced with this style of voicing, because messing around with sounds by yourself can lead to injury or problems. I injured my voice 3 years ago and haven't been able to recover my voice (though it wasn't related to falsetto as far as I know, it was likely related to ignorant voice exercises).

Eddie Kendricks is my primary inspiration when it comes to falsetto singing take a listen:

Here is a cover I attempted using my falsetto post voice problem:


Notice, how I increased the closure and intensity towards the end especially on the all that matters to 'me'? I know how to do that kind of sound, but with my voice problem, even speaking hurts, so I don't do much singing and when I do I don't really go all out. But I'm pretty confident this sound can be done healthily and you're sometimes already creeping into it in the sound clips I'm hearing.

Let me reiterate, don't learn this from me. I'm not a teacher for advanced voice techniques. I have a voice problem and sing sloppily/potentially incorrectly with pain. Whatever you learn, do this from the right competent people. But, I have a feeling if you can learn to polish your falsetto healthily to get more control/tone/body, this could be what pushes you over the edge. And you could go to the top of the charts just like Kendricks Timberlake, Smokey Robinson, or whoever.

So work on it some more, but do it slowly and safely, hopefully with a teacher. Succeed for me, man, as a fellow falsetto fan! Good luck.

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