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Raggamuffin - Selah Sue cover movie

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Hey alicjakruk, this is a commercial singing voice. If this is a comfortable vocal technique (your aren't straining or having problems), I would not recommend changing it much.

Instead keep working on your English pronunciations and keep polishing the voice (pitch accuracy, agility, etc). This is one of those circumstances, where you have 'it' factor and should be careful with what you change if what you are doing is comfortable. Honest truth.

Find a very skilled voice coach that will expand/keep healthy your current vocal style, rather than replace it. Go write some songs, and/or get signed as a pop artist, make your money, and if you want to come back to this forum and learn how to sing like Ronnie James Dio after you are rich, go ahead.

That's about the most honest advice I can give. If you can use this voice healthily, then use this voice. You're young, you've got 'polished pop voice' and you're basically at prime position to become commercially successful, a better position than most of us here!

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