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Another Head Voice Topic >.>

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Hi there! I'm Deshaun, and signed up and needed to hear from a few other singers.

Just really quickly, i've been practicing singing for like 8 days now, there are some SLS techniques availablee that I use. I tried to start learning to sing a year ago, but eventually gave up cause my throat started to really bother me. I'm sure I was doing something ridiculously wrong.

Anyways, here I am again, and now I have a problem. How do i know for CERTAIN what my head voice is?

My problem is, i dont know how to get to it /: I've tried sirens, lips rolls, anything i could to get into head voice. But I cant -.-

Generally I flip into Falsetto, and there's another problem with it. I can "reinforce" it. And thats not what I want. Basically I sing a note into Falsetto, and I can change the tone to sounding WAY less airy, and it'll ring in the room, but there is NO VIBRATIONS whatsoever that I feel. And thats NOT what I want. So is there any really good tips that I can get, to go into actual head voice.

They say you're supposed to feel it resonate. But, how much should I feel? Are the vibrations ridiculously obvious? Or is it subtle? Would you "feel" cord closure? Should I feel resonance behind my eyes?

Any helpful comments and opinions will be greatly appreciated!

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