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Awsome real-time MRI of vocal performance!

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Daug Poland

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That's pretty cool.

With the soprano it was interesting that on the lower notes, on the "ah" vowel the back of the throat looks almost closed, but with the "oo" it is quite open. But in the high range the back of the throat is open the whole time.

Also, in the low range you can't see vibrato happening, but in the high range there is a ton of activity with the vibrato - the back of the throat seems to open / close with vibrato. I find that myself - in my head voice the back of the tongue seems to be involved with vibrato, but in chest, it is not.

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This is really fascinating, there is a lot more movement than I would have expected based on the sensations.

I wonder if something like this could be used to help me. Then again, there are so many moving parts, I think I see from this now more than ever why voice problems are really hard to tackle.

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