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On going vocal cord issues...(Video and photos attached)

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Hey everyone! :)

you may remember me from my original post -


This explains my situation.... I have recently obtained a video and pictures of my vocal cords from October all be it, not great quality but never the less better than nothing. i was hoping some professionals could have a look and advise what the condition i am suffereing maybe. And whether recovery will ever be possible as it has now been over 1 year since this problem began. My on going symptoms continue to be a weak and tired voice, hoarseness from time to time, no clarity to it, unable to sing, speaking is very difficult, a burning/scratching sensation most of the time. When it resides is usually after much rest of my voice. I have been told by some singing coaches and professionals that it could be a nerve paresis or vocal cord paresis? i am just hoping for some more opinions as i am starting to lose hope!


This is the video and i will include 2 photos.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you so much!

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Thank you for your response.

The ENT didn't give me a diagnosis, he seemed unsure as to what the issue was, why it would be causing pain and how it happened. I was having speech therapy at the time but without them diagnosing what the actual issue is, they were simply second guessing as to whether it was a weakened cord, a nerve issue etc. They advised there were no Nodules which is a positive, but equally, i'm eager to get this resolved as i have absolutely no idea what exercises i need to be doing to strengthen it. I have been given relaxation exercises. But nothing considerably helpful or a set plan atleast!

Thank you, any help would be appreciated!

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What a mess man... :(

First thing to do is finding another ENT, telling him the whole story and getting a decent diagnosis. You need the diagnosis so that you can treat it.

There is tons of hope! But pleaaase do not try to fix this on your own! I am sure you can find treatment. But you absolutely need a doctor.

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Was that the whole exam? Did you even vocalize? I couldn't hear anything. Not sure if you just haven't told us all the details of the exam, but from what you've said so far it sounds like you need to go to an ENT that works with high level singers, some kind of large voice center clinic. If they suspect paresis, doing an EMG is the next step, but it sounds like they didn't even mention this to you. Did they do a strobe during the exam to see individual vibrations or just this regular view? Sulcus's and scarring can be a lot harder to detect than nodes depending on their size, a strobe is very important to diagnose them.

Also, not that we'd be able to spot anything an ENT couldn't, but in the future you can ask for a CD of your exam video instead of recording the monitor with your camera.

If you decide to go to another ENT, this list is a good place to start: http://www.fauquierent.net/laryngologists.htm

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Hey there, thanks so much for your reply and website link. I did vocalise, i sang a high note and then counted to 10 in this video, unfortunately as i recorded it from the monitor this is barely audible in the video. The exam basically consisted of the Physician firstly viewing my vocal cords using the camera (Unsure of the correct term) He asked me to sing a note, count to 10, try falsetto and then count to 10 again. He didn't diagnose me with anything, he advised one cord is bigger than the other but doesn't know why and whats caused it. He measured my voice in HZ and it measured at 121hz i believe. Which he said was higher than average but still within the normal range for a 22 year old male my age. To be perfectly honest i don't think he knew what he was talking about.

I have been referred back in march for another scope. I will request a strobe and for scarring to be looked at, unfortunately i am low on funds and am currently on the national health service in the UK. Paying privately is out of the option at the moment other wise i wouldn't think twice about visiting a London Voice centre or even the Bristol one which is only 30 minutes from where i live!

I also did ask for a CD of my exam at which point they explained couldn't be done? which again seems absurd!

Thanks for your response! :)

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Ah, didn't know you were in the UK. Maybe they have different policies there. I think in the US they have to give us our medical records if we request (though some charge 10-70$ for the CD, which seems ridiculous considering they get like 500$ just for the strobe exam, but I digress). I don't know how the NHS works, but can you see any ENT as long as they are in the system? I looked under England in that list and there were four laryngologists and also a link to 40ish NHS Voice centers, so it seems like these should be covered, no?

But either way, also ask for an EMG. My ENT had to refer me to a neurologist that he works with to do the test. I don't think that many ENT's do it themselves yet but I think that's changing. Try your best to get a referral if you can. That's the only way you're going to get a clear yes/no on whether it's paresis. It will also help tell if the pain is from a mechanical injury or from a damaged nerve hypersensitivity.

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There are several difficulties here. The vocal cord on Left of screen (your R cord) is not moving as much, appears thinner and possibly at lower vertical position. This would be consistent with a [TEMPORARY] nerve weakness, and with your sense of weakness, inconsistent tone, effort. Cause is not always known for this kind of thing but IT IS USUALLY REPARABLE with appropriate voice therapy. The burning sensation would be a separate issue, which I'd prefer not to discuss in public forum but feel free to consult me directly (nothing scary for you, just a bit tricky for my non-MD status.).

If you don't feel you're getting adequate care, contact British Voice Association —I know they have a website— and get their help to find good voice rehabilitation. Worth travelling to another city but they will help you find therapists near-by.

Meanwhile don't rest voice completely, but also don't push your limits or try to sound great if its too much strain right now. Be really careful with diet & general self-care, and with the right voice rehab you should be quite a lot better in a few months.

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Thank you truth1ness and Jcazden. It means an awful lot for you to take time out to try and help me out in my situation!

Jcazden, where could we chat in more details in relation to the burning sensation? The information you have provided is so helpful and incredibly positive, i sure hope i do recover in a few months. Unfortunately it has been a year so would love to get some kind of a plan in place. Perhaps even chat about visiting you when i make a trip to the States this summer, i plan on coming across for 2 months in August. I have contacted you via facebook, wasn't sure if it was the best option. If not please feel free to redirect me to the best way of contacting you!

Thanks so much once again, it means an awful lot!

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