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Help me put together a 90-day plan for FPoS!

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Hey guys im new here and i was wondering if anyone can help me put together a 90-day calander style workout plan that would help me with the vocal problems i have in this vid. I feel, sound, and look strained locked in my chest and i have a very heavy voice and i cant seem to lighten it up to use my head voice. Ive already read the Four Pillars of Singing 2.0 btw. Anyway here is the vid...please help me!

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When I first saw the thread title, I thought it was a spammer. Then, it took a while to figure that you meant FPoS top be Four Pillars of Singing.

I never thought of putting a time limit on learning. I guess that works for some people.

So, youve' read Pillars 2.0. I have as well. And you should be bridging lower than you are. Right now, you are carrying chest to high. Chest is thick fold involvement in creating the sound and resonating not much higher than the back of your mouth.

Embraceth thou the falsetto, even, yea, I say unto thee, for the nonce. For thine will be the kingdom of lyric tenor, forever, and amen. Sorry, waxing a little King James, there.

The process of lightening up is to lessen the involvement of the TA muscles that bring the back of the folds together and bring in more of the CT muscles, which help tilt the larynx. What this does is stretch the folds to raise pitch and, at the same time, thin the folds, for the higher pitches are made by vibrating only the outer layer of tissue.

You will have to divorce yourself from the thinking that you will sing the way that you speak, that your singing will sound the way you speak. It's a good thing that Jim Neighbors or Tennessee Earnie Ford did not sing the way that they speak.

Accept that at least for a while, maybe for 90 days, you will make some odd sounds, sound like a girl. I don't know who it was you were looking for but don't let things distract you. Focus. While you are making these "weak" sounds, you will need to find where they resonate, which is going to feel like your cheeks and eyeballs, what others have called the mask. Reason being, high notes are shorter wavelength and need shorter spaces to resonate properly. The smaller spaces are in the sinus and maxillary (cheekbone) cavities. Go ahead, even if that sounds nasal for a bit. It will go away. And if you, like me, get some allergies, learn to blow your nose. In fact, getting just the right pinch on the nostrils, I can sound like a horn. But you would have to be here to appreciate that.

So, it's a two fold process. Let the folds thin out and let go of the oscuro (dark, deep baritonic thingy) for now and resonate what note you do get in the upper mask of your face.

Also, you are overblowing. You are stressing the folds because you are pushing too much air. Think of higher note, more control of air.

And welcome to the forum.

And I am not a vocal coach or vocal expert on anything. I'm just a guy that likes to help, when I can.

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Thx for your reply. Let me clarify something. I am not looking to be a master singer in 90 days. I just would like a 90 day calander workout plan for the program. I am obviously gonna working on singing. Its kinda like a P90x type thing. Each day may be different and at the end of the 90 days you will have a strong foundation for the techniques that you will keep working on the exercises to further refine them. The whole point of the 90 day plan was to help me get the exercises down and stopping pulling chest and develop my head voice. So my question is does anyone have a calander style 90 workout plan for the Four Pillars of Singing 2.0?

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You might need to ask Robert Lunte, author of the system, provider of this forum and the main website.

I, like you, like to "cross-train." So, I don't do the same thing every day. But he knows the system better than anyone and he might have some PX-90 ideas for you.

Or, perhaps, dash your dreams upon the hard rocks of reality. That is, there are no shortcuts. Sometimes, it does involve getting down in the trenches, tackling the basics. I mean, really basic. Like breathing. Your breathing is all over the place.

Resonant tracking. That, alone, will steer you in the right direction of lightening fold involvement as you ascend.

Search for any post he as made. There's only almost at least four ways to contact him. Cellphone, email, skype, here in the forum.

He's not that hard to find and willing to work with you on anything. Verily I say unto thee, he rocketh. He who talkest the talk, aslo walkest the walk.

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Listen man. I cant help thinking we are not on the same page. I do not want a shortcut. In fact i am already working on some of the exercises now so im not looking for a 'become David Phelps in 90 days' program. This summer i am planning on changing up a lot of things. (like lose weight with p90x, 90-day bible reading plan, Four Pillars of Singing, and etc.) this is gonna be an intense summer for me and i want that. So i would like to see if here is a way i can make a 90 day workout plan that would be more intense than a typical daily workout. Am I making more since now? Sorry if that sounds harsh believe me i aint tryin to sound that way at all.

Btw Rob if youre reading what is your email address? If you have one specifically for questions like mine.

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  • Administrator

G-A-Nator... my email is all over this forum? My email is on the back of the book you purchased? My email and contact forms are on all 12 of my web sites? I have an 800 number you can call? if anyone wants to get ahold of me, its quite easy.


I am glad I just happen to cross this post. In the future, you need feel free to reach out to me via email.

I find your post very timely... because in fact, I have just put the final touches on a 180 day, TVS Foundation Building training regiment. It is exactly what you are asking for! I agree with you, "Pillars" needs that because it has so much content, students need to know how to get started. It is now in the system.

I have just added your email address to a private box.net folder I have where you can download updates to the eBook. The latest update not only has the new 180 day training regiment, but it has been proofed by our own Steve Fraser to tune up the science a little bit. The latest update is really huge in quality and readability.

Let me know that you have the new update...

Now then... regarding this 180 day training routine. There are other things you need to do.

1). "Pillars" offers two complete sets of "guide" audio files.

a. "Training with Robert"

b. "Training with Simulation"

These guide files allow you to train over the top of my singing on the scales, or a simulated voice. This will help you to learn the cues and how to do the workouts correctly and quickly. There never should be any excuse of, "I don't know how the workout goes...", because you have these guide files to sing over the top of. When you feel you have the cues down and you understand how the vocalist goes, you then migrate to the solo vocalist audio files where you will fly solo and work without the "rob" or "sim" guides.

Are you working with these guide files?

2). Have you watched all the lectures and put all the "training with robert" audio files into an iPod playlist or CDs to listen in the car? If you have not, do it!

This video is interesting, mostly because it shows a student with potential, but when I watch it, I can't help but ask myself, "... has this guy practiced any of the content or workouts in the training system"? If you have, thats great... but I have to ask that question. Often students will express concern about progress and we discover that they are not training with the content?... which I guess brings us back to your point, you need a regiment/program to follow. Download the new eBook and look toward the back.

Now... regardless if you are training on the regiment, are using the guide files and watching the lectures... I am flat out telling you, if you do not take private lessons with me or at least sign up for the consultation service for $20/mth that enables me to review your training and singing, the odds are not stacked in your favor. This is complicated stuff and those that invest in private lessons or consultation, especially in the beginning, are the ones that have guaranteed success stories.

i can tell by watching you, there is a voice in there and I can train you. However, as Bob was pointing out, your pulling chest, failing to bridge and getting sucked into constriction and all the nasty problems that plague singers without training or lessons from a great teacher. You need help to really get this going properly.

So, lets start by getting you the new ebook update with the training segment in it and then email me to confirm you have it. Then, if its in your budget, seriously consider taking at least three internet lessons with me or sign up for the consultation service so you can at least send me files to review.

I'll wait to hear from you.

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