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Gethsemane clip, involuntary distortion.

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I was together with my friend, and we had some fun with (me) trying to sing Gethsemane from JCS, and I made distortion, but I have no idea how I did it, and it wasn't nice on the throat, so it was bad distortion. Here's a clip of me singing pitchy and with bad distortion.

Hm, I made this thread because I wanted to ask something, but then I realized that I could probably get the answer (why I am making bad distortion) by searching.

If you have any tips for this song, please say so! It's a hard song. I sing it 2 steps down, so I can use my baritone sound in the first beginning and some parts of the end.

I'll let you hear the clip anyways, since I've already uploaded it :P


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Maaan... I've had a cold since this thread and can't sing, damnit. I'm trying to drink a lot of tea, workout my body and keep warm all the time. I want to sing! :D

Murphy's law - anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Peter's Corollary - Murphy was an optimist.


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