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rock and metal vocalists-licks,runs,trills,bends etc. your favourites

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there are quite a few rock and metal vocalists that employ vocal tricks/expressions that are know as vocal licks, runs, trills, bends etc. . these sounds are more normally associated with modern R&B music (where they are often used too much if you ask me!) however there have been and still are a number of rock and metal vocalists that use these sounds. one of the most obvious examples would be David Coverdale. often it is bluesy inspired rock vocalists that use other effects such as grit and rasp that use them but there can also be found cleaned toned rock/metal vocalists as well.

who/what are your favourite vocalists /examples for the use of these sounds?

one of my favourites is with a singer on a album called "section x" by the band Beyond Twilight. the singer is no longer with the band but they now have another singer who does the same stuff. (if you like progressive metal - especially if it doesnt follow the dream Theatre mould - you HAVE to get this album!)

check out this song from the album (for those of you who may not know what vocal runs etc. are its the sounds that are being used on the vocal throughout the chorus section of the song below (from 1:42 - 2:33) as well as many other points in the rest of the song.


another great example i came across just lately is the singer from the band Seventh Wonder. some of his runs are so clean, with each note so separated in the sequence of notes it sounds like its been autotuned or fiddled with, but i dont think it has :)

check out the song " welcome to mercy falls " as well as the others on their myspace


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yeah lou gramm is another classic example of a singer whos uses these sounds

in the first few mins of the vid you provided words where the added ornamentation sounds would fall into the category would be:

1:14 the second- i KNOW

1:21 the second- come HOME

1:36 HEART

1:49 a-LIVE

of course a classic lou gramm example would be in the "that was yesterday" song with bits such as the word DREAMS at 2:12 and the fantastic OOOO after the words "yesterday gone" at 2:52 . the word TEARS at 3:35 to name just a few.

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gramm is one of my "idols" hate to use that word though

thanks a lot hey c.o.t.y give me your feedback on my chris cornell?

it's in the let's hear chest voice" #11

(another idol)

another example (love this vocal)


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  • Administrator

Lizzy Borden used to do a very interesting throaty vibrato/whurble thing that was wicked... I love that wobbly vibrato thing at the end of the phrasing... This kind of vibrato is not produced from the diaphram like a "proper" Classical type vibrato... coming more from throat manipulations.

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Man...that Kansas clip kicked ass. You just don't get that anymore. Reminded me of Van the Man's 1974 double live Too Late Too Stop Now. Killer.

Absolute SHAME that all of Van's "classic" youtube stuff got yanked. Makes me cry when I think about the bootleg videos floating around there for awhile. Oh well.

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I've been internet digging on Steve.

Found some interesting bits on a Steve Walsh website(relating to vocal technique):

-These are taken from a Q & A section

Keith: Hi Mr. Walsh. My name is Keith Wallen and I am a senior at the University of Tennessee. I have been a fan of Kansas since I was young. I myself am a singer in a band here in Knoxville and I have always been fascinated with the range of your voice. My question is how could I increase my vocal range, are there excercises or breathing techniques, and how do I develope a vibrato? Thank You for all your great music.

Steve: If you've got the range, it will show. I'm not a trained vocal guy, so warmups are usually not in my vocabulary.

Matt: Hey Steve! I am a 1st semester vocal student at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. As you are a monumental figure in rock singing, i come to you with a few technical questions. You execute such high natural-voice passages with seemingly no effort -- (you know, the high C's) -- what are some of the ways in which you've developed this extraordinary range? Also, how have you managed to maintain your vocal stamina, so as to continue performing strong all these years? Any other tips you can offer to a serious young singer would also be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Steve: Matt, I wish we were around Boston more often. I feel that a strong body is a strong voice. I feel that if you have the range, you will know it. Believe me, it's not always there for me.

and my favorite....could it be?


Steve: It was really tough to sing. A band in Atlanta wrote it.

Damn those ALL CAPS are a signature :D

If anyone's interested...great site:


Bob(Video)...you are an inspiration man...keep rockin'! I'd love to hear you cover some of these(You'd have a killer collection...From Paul to Lou to Steve to Chris.)

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hiya analog!!!

(for a while there i was beginning to think no one liked me). yes, that was me trying to get walsh to comment. if you read through the section of that website (section is now closed) you see that steve walsh definitely has some personality issues. he wrote that freddy mercury was an asshole and was not particularly cordial to a lot of folks that wrote to him. i really believe walsh had wanted to be a big star outside of kansas but (perhaps) his attitude hurt his chances? it looks like atlantic was trying to make him a star in this video (lol). gotta check this out...

i posted some of my vocal snippets in the last few forums but either no one saw them or never had a chance to comment?

steve fraser said i was a "robust tenor"i guess is a compliment.

hey, if you want to give me call and talk music let me know i'm always willing to learn and grow.

here's some more from the vocal gods!!! i like:

and talk about high notes

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJt9ktfCBxc (check also 4:00 this guy was amazing and clean, clean notes)

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Bob...Lou is one of my all time heroes. As a kid, I WORE OUT Foreigner 4. I'm working on covering Jukebox Hero right now.

Also, what I found interesting about the Steve Walsh stuff, was how in God's name he got that amazing sound "naturally" with NO training? And...ALL THE DAMN BOOZE AND DRUGS. Jesus. If my allergies act up just a little bit, my whole high end goes out the window.

Just amazing.

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here's my theory about guys like walsh

when i first started singing in bands, all they cared about was how high could you sing ....with me it was an instictual process i just sang to emulate guys like plant, mercury, not having a clue what i was doing and i hit notes because i wanted to...i grew out of sheer desire (no help, just visualized the notes).

i think walsh's personality fueled the power and heights...

b.t.w...gramm was the guy that helped me realize i need to learn about singing. these are tough songs even when you lower the key!!! i found out the reason from author/vocal instructor jeffery allen.... according to jeffery lou gramm sings right at/on the passagio with great supoort

where was i....on yeah, analog, i cannot agree with you more...my reflux is a problem..you gotta let me hear "jukebox" when you're done...

in an interview jimi jamison (another great) once said if he had to replace a vocalist in a band lou gramm would be the toughest!

also, i once emailed his brother ben, and he said lou is a natural too but later in his career he took training to last longer.

this guy lives near me in ny, he's one of the few that can do lou!!! dosen't have the punch but hits the notes



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Your NYC band does a great job! Clearly he's a lighter voice than Lou...but damn good.

Also so cool to hear Lou still at it...it kind of throws me a bit...at first...but HIS voice is still there!

If you look at someone like Paul Rodgers...I think a year older than Lou with(to my ears) a BETTER voice than ever...man it sure gives me hope that Lou will continue to improve(he sounds much better in this concert than some of the older stuff.)

Thanks for the link!

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ME TOO! ha. Little more difficult than "Eye of the Tiger." At least capturing the "huskiness" of Lou.

I want to "demo" it with my new band...but looking at least couple of months before we record(everybody waiting to get thru the "gravy" holiday season before we start new project.)

I don't have any recording set-up at home(other than "sound recorder" for Windows.) Let me play around and see if I can get anything out of it...sounds terrible for the most part.

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analog, you and i are in the same boat... all have is "sound recorder" too but grab a downlaod of "audacity" and you can get things sounding decent. That's what my vocals were on (yeah, the cornell ones that nobody commented on ah humm!!!!) i'm working on "urgent" but i have to drop it a half-step.

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