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Songs I use to practice

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Hey friends,

I sing for a Prog. Rock band. There are some songs that I practice to keep my voice in shape. These are all in the Rock genre. My problem is, I can't sing any 3 of these in succession. How can I sustain my voice longer? I'm a novice to technique, so simple terms would help me a lot.

Here's the list of songs. The videos for these songs are on my blog.


1. Boston – More than a Feeling.

2. AudioSlave – Cochise.

3. AudioSlave – Show Me How to Live.

4. Dream Theater – Surrounded.

5. Avenged Sevenfold – Almost Easy.

6. Dream Theater – Another Day.

Would appreciate some tips.


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Are you serious?

Checked it out. You took the video from Boston and then edited in bits from Billy Joel.

What's that all about?

How's about you link in something of you singing? We can't comment on your voice if we are listening to linked videos of Brad Delp or Chris Cornell.

Bragging is fine. Now, show us your stuff, if you would, please.

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one thing is certain...these are all challenging songs and even more challenging if you sing them in succession.

if this is your set list, i would change the set list to give yourself some time to recoup.

please tell us you're warming up the voice before you go near any of those songs. if not, that's a place to start.

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I'm not sure I even understand the point of your post. If you are asking how to make your voice strong enough to sing a set like that, then you should post yourself singing them so we can hear what your voice is doing. We really can't help you if you post other singers singing....

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Hey friends,

I did a quick and dirty video of me attempting Cochise by AudioSlave so you can see what I might be doing wrong. Any tips are greatly appreciated. I tried not to exert myself in the attempt since I have to perform later tonight. The audio is out of sync and you will see I flub some lyrics, but I'm sure you experts will have enough to figure out how I can improve.

Thanks in advance!

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when you use a falsetto based vocal mode, especially when you're a novice singer, (we've all been through it) you can really dupe yourself into thinking this is the way to those notes. what you will come to realize is there is no core underneath the notes, no connection to your chest voice.

it takes a lot of time and practise to develop the voice so that a percentage of chest register reinforces the tone. you cannot thicken the tone without working on your voice and technique.

songs like "roxanne" a lot of journey tunes, these songs are so high that a beginner thinks they are hitting those notes through a falsetto based production. and they may very well be hitting the notes but the projection, the core is missing. if you go to sing like this live, you soon realize how much is missing.

not trying to be a doomsayer, but i don't want you to be under a misapprehension.

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