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an interesting discovery

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folks, i want to know if you have ever experienced what happened to me last night....'

i was pretty warmed up and had sung a few difficult songs..felt good

then i went to try to do the f5 at the end of the four season's rag doll song i am working on and it was just not there. in fact, no falsetto (partial cord adduction) type tones were available to me at that point.

so i was a little worried...where the hell is my falsetto f5? where is my falsetto type voice?

then i simply "sensed" that if was to just try to gently pinch the folds together and add a little more support, maybe i had the makings of a solid f5 in full voice (head register, full fold adduction).

it was a true balancing act. if i under adducted, it fell apart, but if i applied just the right amount of support and gently pinched the folds just the right amount, it swelled into this really nice connected f5, one i had never experienced before this easily.

from this experience i can only guess that i must have swollen the folds to a point where partial adduction wasn't possible?

so i was thinking to myself, falsettoish type tones are propably more doable before fold swelling takes place?

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I don't think it's necessarily swelling that makes your falsetto dissipate. Moreso it's a sneaky constriction that has worked in during singing. I experience the same thing... on rare occasions I can get so constricted that singing A4 in falsetto is hard, but with some support exercises to release tension, I can quickly get back up to an easy, compressed A5. If it was swelling, I don't think such a drastic improvement would be possible...

As for how this relates to your easy F5, I'm not quite sure... perhaps you triggered a very specific tension that stopped you falling back into falsetto? That would be handy to learn, actually. :lol:

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Solid F5 is relative Bob. I see what you mean, but solid F5 sounds like that: http://www.box.com/s/gy622ui2i0jmd00y1idl

it was a clean, solid f5....like an "ah" with a smidgen of "uh" in it.

believe me, i was a little afraid of it at first, if this makes any sense.

now if i can just do it again....lol!!!

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