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Pitch Shifting?

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First off I would just like to say I do not sing; I sound like a walrus (I am male), but recently I have discovered that people do not have the same problem as I have. As I go up the ‘scales’ or down the ‘scales’, changing my pitch as I sing, there is a point in the middle where I drastically shift pitch from high to low, I cannot go in the middle. There is a point in the middle where no sound comes out just air. I always thought that everyone had this problem when trying to go too high, that you would switch from a normal range to high with a stage in the middle, but apparently not. Sorry if this is the wrong area but some help would be nice.


Edit: Somthing to do with the term 'falsetto'?

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Welcome to The Modern Vocalist Forum.

Something to do with "Falsetto"? Yes, probably...

Truthfully, this is the beginning of a journey that is like the Eliad, its big and detailed... but I can tell you this, your at the right place to begin this journey of understanding how the voice works and how to apply it to the art of singing.

A good way to start would be to paste in a box.net link of you making the vocal sounds your referring to so we can hear it.

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