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Just one more thing about singing.

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I have read Jose Carreras' autobiography lately and I found a lot of significant thoughts there. I decided to put one of them here.

"There aren't any rules of steel. There isn't one hundred per cent method. If it existed, we'd have so much more amazing vocalists. No, no, there's no way to create a singer. Every gorge is different like a talent is different too, also the part which intellect takes in it is different..."

"...listen carefully to the voice of intuition and don't subordinate to technique your expression ,accent or even one note" J.C - " Sing with all soul"

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Excellent post and words of wisdom, Devaitis. I've been reading a book of interviews with teachers in the world of theatrical voice training. And some of them have pointed that what they detected in successful singers is that they have adapted to best parts of whatever training they have had to themselves. That not one system necessarily makes everyone into what they are.

Along with that is my own view that we should each find our own voice. And the mark of success, in my redneck opinion, is how easy does your voice operate? Granted, we can all get fatigued through too much work. But essentially, if you can sing for a while without strain, you are using your voice correctly. People think I mean to be lazy. That is not the case. I mean to be efficient and durable.

My hardest work is not in scales or even hitting the high, dog-whistle notes that I can get. It's in stopping myself from trying to do something that is not suited to my voice. And that is mental.

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