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Tension release exercises?

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Hello world!

I'm a (one of many...) guitarist who wants to get into singing. I've done some research, because I have trouble reaching higher pitch. I have to sing most pop songs about 5 half notes lower, which sucks! The full reach is just prety low. Right now I seem to be a bass or baritone, but the higher notes sound pinched.

I found a little trick to feel if there's tension in your throat: feel the piece of muscle right under your chin. It should be soft, mine is hard as rock when I sing :) haha. Now I can only sing without the tension when I sing reeeeaaaal softly and I can't get any volume.

Could anyone give some tips and exercises to be able to control this tension, to release it? Would be beatiful!


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Biggest thing that has taken away the tension for me is concentrating on supporting with the back and the lower abs.

I mainly focus on making sure I take in adequate breath, keep the chest inflated (not too much), push downwards with my lower abs and make sure I feel my back inflate or stiffen, in a good way not tense.

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Some people get tension in the tongue and/or jaw. So, one way of easing that tension is to let the tip of the tongues rest on top of the bottom teeth and let the jaw relax back. Nothing more than that. No pulling on the tongue, no depressing the tongue with something. I like to think of the dog pant but you only need to open the jaw widen enough to allow the tongue to rest.

Here, all this time, I though Gene Simmons was imitating a demon. He was just relaxing, after all. :D

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Try to first figure out why the tension is there. It's usually a build-up of myofascia; but how it arises can come from several sources, including: 1. injury (was your chin ever hit hard?) 2. emotion (a taut chin suggests sorrow, or as British might say-- keep your chin up, meaning suppression of sorrow turn to pride) 3. posture (droop of head over time) 4. all the above.

Once you figure this out or at least have a sense of how it might be such, it'll be easier to resolve.

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Thanks all for their beautiful tips. I want to sharing one of my ideas :

You sit on a chair with back and arm rest, Then close your eyes for a few time, at the same time you have to breathe deeply after that out breath slowly . You should relax your neck and should muscles. Just repeat this procedure 5 time. You get more free from tension.

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