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Achieving a full tone on high notes.

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What are some ways of accomplishing this?

Yesterday I recorded a cover of John Mayer's Gravity.

After listening to it today I think it sounds a little too weak and tiny.

I'd like to fill the tone out a bit, but I'm not quite sure how to do that. I've hit a bit of a wall in my singing.

I do know my larynx raises quite a bit. I suppose support is an issue too. I feel like I've dealt with these issues before.

I think what I need is a good teacher (in person). Even a classically oriented teacher would probably do, I think I'd benefit from learning the full tone classical music requires.

I don't know where to find a good teacher though. Bleh. :(

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i'd like you to try something.....if you would....send back a recording where you sing the single e4 "gravity" word, like you do, 6 times in a row and pretend you have to get someone the other room to hear you.

even if you have to yell it a bit. but don't sing the word, just sing the "gra" portion. take a breath, sing another, take a breath sing another....

let's hear that.

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