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Vocal Aparatus/pharynx/Mucus membrane Dryness

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What's the best remedy/drink to keep your throat and vocal aparatus mosturized?

I get a lot of dryness, even though i drink a lot of water.

I need something that will coat and mosturize the mucus membranes in my pharynx/vocal aparatus area?

Also have occasional build up of phelm, but not to much. i have less now since i have cut down my dairy intake.

Any product suggestions welcome.


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humidity in the air around you can make a big difference.

if you take any prescription medications, check whether some of them have "dry mouth" as a side effect. This can at least explain some of that chronic feeling.

Biotene company makes a line of mouth care products that help some people, enzymes help keep the tissues more moist.

Slippery Elm herb lozenges are believed to have a similar effect, "Throat Coat" tea and the Vishuddha tea sold thru TMV both contain Slippery Elm as key ingredient.

Glycerin lozenges help a little but the effect doesnt last as long as with the other things I've mentioned. Mouth sprays are probably least effective even though they feel good for a quick moment.

Saline sprays in the nose might help though, available at most pharmacies, just help the inside of the nose stay moist & open which in turn keeps mouth from drying out.

hope this helps --

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