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Just had a huge breakthrough but need advice

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I have been unable to sing for several months now. Even within my range, I have not been able to make clear notes and my throat has been so constricted. I think I completely forgot how to get into my headvoice and started pulling everything up from my chest. It got to the point where it was difficult to speak every day and this is with singing very rarely. I have only been singing for about a year and I think I finally understand where things need to be coming from. A few hours ago I began singing and had full range, clarity, control, and any tone I wanted. My throat was finally relaxed and the tones were resonating. It was truely unbelievable as I had much more range than I had before I ran into this problem.

All I did the last couple of days is drinking water throughout the day very frequently. Try to relax in general and actually think about activating my head voice. Drinking the water has had me needing to discharge mucous on a very regular basis. I do have chronic sinusitus and I probably had a lot of gunk built up that I am just now getting rid of after months.

My question is, how do I continue this? Does anyone know some excercises that will keep from adapting the wrong techniques and forgetting this magical feeling I have right now? If anyone has any good warmup routines, or just daily things that I can do to keep singing and speaking with the proper technique?

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Whenever you find something that works, continue doing it, record it, write down details of what you are doing different and the sensations. As much as possible.

If you wonder off a different path, it will make it easier to get back where you were.

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