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What is the best self-study method?

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I've taken singing classes for about six months, and it's about 2 months I have given it up. The reason is I did not make much progress. I have tackled problems like support, breathing, placement and these kind of basic stuff.

In those 6 months, I studied a bit of this and that method by myself, specifically "Singing Success" and there was a point I thought it doesn't work for me anymore. It exactly was its 7th session on the 5th DVD, when I could not reach that high the instructor expects. Through this forum, I got to know Katrin Sadolin's CVT (Its poorly scanned old version), and it was interesting for me, though I didn't go through it while I found it so theoretic and "exercise-free" compared to many other methods.

As a wanna-be rock singers there are many things I haven't achieved and I have decided to do it with the help of a self-study method. I live in a country with no copyright law and also I can't access the authentic versions of these methods (So of course I have to dl their pirated versions). So can anyone introduce me some good methods, or some flaws and mistakes in my approach to singing technique?

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The best time to start preparation is at the beginning of 11th class. Students are fresher after the 10th boards and a lot more can be learnt.

Also, if you start your preparation in 12th class then the amount of hard work is increased due to additional pressure of 12th boards, so chances of getting a high rank in JEE are decreased.

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