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Newbie looking for advice where to start - warning, Country Music

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I have three songs that I've recorded in the past several months.

This is the type of music I'd like to learn to sing.

This first is a Conway Twitty cover of We're So Close

http://soundcloud.com/bobmoore-2/were-so-close It's in the key of C, with no capo, almost totally open chords.

The 2nd is Travis Tritt's Anymore

http://soundcloud.com/bobmoore-2/anymore It's with a capo on the 4th fret playing key of G chords.

And finally Hank Williams Jr's version of Tuesday's Gone - It's in the key of A with mostly open chords.


I'm an absolute beginner at singing. My goal is better pitch and better tone. But don't know where or how to start.

I have made contact with a local singing instructor and with luck will start some lessons in the next couple of months.

Right now, I work on exercises which I'm hoping will both strenghten my voice and help with the pitchiness.

I appreaciate any constructive criticism and advice. I have enough of an ear to know that there are many things lacking, but hope there's something to improve upon.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.


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I think your best one, mostly, is the cover of "Tuesday's Gone." Your voice stayed in tune mostly on that one. It sounds like you're a little unsure of yourself on higher notes, and that leads to detuning. But down in the middle of your range, you seem confident and you know where you are.

So, when you do work with your instructor, I hope you get to start on stuff you already do well. Success breeds success. Then, when you work on the other items you mentioned, you will breed success and confidence there, too.

And, with such a full, low voice as yours, I could also see you doing some Johnny Cash covers. And I bet you could do the song, "Hurt," pretty well, too.

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Hi Bob,

I think you have a nice country style to your voice. Pitchy, lacking some tone (which I find can be fixed somewhat by singing with emotion - Remember, you're telling a story when singing (especially in country music))...

With that, yes - you can definately increase your range, pitch, tone, etc, with vocal training.

You can even start off by exploring online programs that can help you out (and save some money)..

From doing my research, it narrows down to : The Four Pilliars 2.0 (robert lunte) & Sing Better than anyone else (ken tamplin)..

They will get you on track, and singing to your best potiential in you are willing to put in the time..

Both Robert and Ken, offer ONLINE vocal lessions via Skype on your computer, or at their studios.

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Ronws and David, thank you very much. That is a big boost to my confidence. I know how long the road is to get to singing well, and I'm ready for the first steps. Robert's Four Pillars is top of my list once things settle here financially (my wife had back surgery in Nov and missed 2 months work, and will have a subsequent surgery on Monday to correct a screw that moved and hits some nerves - I always knew she had a screw loose :) ). She's on commission, so you know what that means. But I want that course badly.

We have a university here, and one of the Professors is a friend of ours and has agreed to work with me.

Your observations were very astute and, thinking on them, you've hit the nail pretty well.

I sincerely appreciate your thoughts. It will be fun to start this journey.

Thank you so much,


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Good luck to you and your family. And good for you for having someone in your area that will work with you.

I live in a little town at the other end of the state. I'm about 2 towns away from Oklahoma. The only person that gave me advice about singing was my step-grandfather. He had a range like yours But the basics of singing are the same. He taught me to drive notes from the belly, not the chest muscles. And he was not a voice teacher, though he sang in church choir and musicals that were performed in church. Most notably, "Fiddler on the Roof."

So, I've not had an actual voice teacher or voice coach and envy you on that.

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