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2 new videos!

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Just some songs that I was singing and my family wanted to record.

P.S. These aren't what I've been working on and getting prepared for haha Ive been singing these 2 forever :)

Your cheating heart


Wagon Wheel


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It is so refreshing to hear and see a young singer doing some of the standards from days long ago. In the last week, I've enjoyed several of your songs and you truly are a really, really good singer. Let's get you up on a stage with a big crowd.

Don't let them talk you into doing a lot of the pap that is coming out of Nashville now, but make them give you songs with meat on them.

I tried to think of who you might sound like, and I'm really glad to say that you're unique. I think it's a left handed compliment to say someone sounds like someone else. You have a wonderful voice.

Plus I like the guitar. But turn up the lights. Let us see you.

And more, let us hear you on the radio.

Well done. And best of luck.


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Sorry, has to be crazy fool at any show that stands up and requests that.

I really liked both songs. And you got some Natalie Maines quality to your voice, in a good way. Your sound is nice and round yet it cuts, like a lead voice. In the same way that Maines ended up being the lead singer for Dixie Chicks.

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