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Not losing it during Sound Check

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I had a major gig this past weekend, bigger set-up & longer, more complex sound-check than usual. Very live hall, and as composer & co-director I had lots of people & details to oversee. Once everything was setup, I didn't need to sing much, because the crew were great. But from mid-afternoon onward there was the normal amount of shouting between front & back of hall, a few problems with background hum & feedback, lots going on at once.

By the time the program actually started, my throat felt slightly scratchy, & I realized I'd been talking over noise for those hours! I should know better & was taken by surprise...Performance went well anyhow, but I got a whole new appreciation of "don't use it all up in rehearsal."

anyone else ever felt this challenge, especially when in a position of producing as well as singing?


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