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Starting Light on Notes

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I've noticed that everytime I start warming up my singing...my voice feels heavy on notes, which doesn't allow it to resonate but as the day goes on after I practice, if I'm singing, my voice gets lighter...but sometimes my voice gets too breathy and I can't maintain the note and I'm trying to get in between the light and heavy area to find that right area.

Are there any exercises that I can practice to make my voice lighter and find that right spot during practice instead of having to wait till I'm out of the practice room.

Much appreciated!!

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My two cents worth. Instead of exercises, try to determine what causes the heaviness and the lightness, in your vocal apparatus. Use awareness as your exercise tool, as your specific vocal apparatus is doing something to cause these. For example, are you lifting your pallet higher, are you opening your mouth in more oval shape, are you sending sounds to a specific location-- what happens if you do all these?

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the only thing i can suggest is if after much singing you start to get airy (meaning you're blowing air past the folds essentially cracking) it may be because you can no longer maintain appropriate fold adduction...it's quite possible the muscles that control the tension of the vocal folds are tired.

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