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Hey guys, thought I'd update you. Had my first of three auditions today. I got through with flying colours. I don't expect to get past this second audition but we'll see.

There's three auditions before you have an audition in ftont of the TV judges.

My voice has come far in the last few months. I thank you all :)

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Well done.

There a few in the circles around me (other coaches, but local and whom we all talk to) who over the years have made 1st, 2nd through to judges and one through to TV.

Always good when you get through the rounds.

Being uk based, you'll have seen over the years, the (how do you solve a problem like) Maria ... Joseph ... and the other(s) ... Had (again ... in the circles) through to the rounds and TV. :)

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Hey D. When you do get on tv, let us know how you are. Then, when your big and famous and doing commercials for the Samsung Galaxy tab, remember us little people.

I have seen fame, having encountered a few celebrities, go to the head of some really talented people who think that their prowess in music gives them the right to be mean to people. Or, to be rude. They surround themselves with people who create an "Attitude" for them. Don't be "that guy."

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Oh I'll never be the guy who forgets everyone, if I can help it hard to forgot some people especially on a busy schedule.

Had my third and final audition today, got to wait atleast 10 weeks to see if I get a call to go on TV for an audition.

Fingers crossed.

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