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How is David Phelps hitting these notes? what techniques?

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What techniques are David Phelps using to hit those high notes on:

the word 'hear' at 2:58

the word 'voices' at 3:04

the word 'night' at 3:08

the word "diVINE" at 3:32

and finally,

the word 'name' at 4:50

i think this performance is really incredible..

Thanks : )

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the first thing you notice is he's highly skilled at singing with an open throat and supporting really well in terms of a balance between his air tension (support) and his vocal folds.

but his real finesse is the vocal dynamics, the ability to crescendo and decrescendo and to move fluently between head and chest musculatures. this is the one that takes years to master. some never master it at all.

those high notes are head voice musculature with chest voice musculature participation.

if you were to sing those notes just using head voice musculature you won't have the volume and thickness.

you won't get that power without incorporating chest voice musculature into the head voice.

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He is truly an amazing singer! He is one of those singers that is so good that you almost consider never singing again, before you remember how much you love it :D

The only comment I can make is that he is obviously using a very open throat and has extremely good support.

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As a singer I just get paralysed by this type of vocal display. All I want to do is sit and listen and try to comprehend such a mastery... Maybe I'm going on a bit but David Phelps is one of my favourite vocalists ;) How could he not be?

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