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anyone ever sing this?

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done it a thousand times. one tip keep things narrow when you first begin singing it like "hid gehmes" then as you get better at it open it up. also speak it first and then drop the pitches in the same place.





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What Daniel said. And even with the vowel mod you can hear in the clip, "hid gehms" he is still closing that vowel up a bit, which helps get the note in his head but it helps with the singing volume, especially as he is standing right in front of the drums, the loudest instrument in most bands.

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thanks guys.

it's not the belting "head games" that's the tough part, it's the sections leading up those:

44 to 1:00 for example. i guess keeping it relaxed up high yet capture the scream-like intensity is a challenge.

dan, was this a song you worked up to, or did it just fall into place?

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i never got or get a chance to work up to songs. the bands i sing for or have sung for have setlists and i either do it or dont get the gig so its usually go hard or go home and dont pay my bills;) so i would blow my voice out a bit until i could relax into it. You need to pick a setlist of songs some that are easy and some challenging and then warm up and sing the set. Then do that a few times a week until you are comfortable singing all of them. Dont spend so much time on one phrase and just blow yourself out and blow your confidence. And its not that the head games part of the song is your problem it was an example of where to place and sing the whole song. Get that feeling and then go from there.

Hope that helps you



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my problem is i'm a perfectionist. thanks folks.

dan, i sang in bands with no vocal training at all years ago, but lou gramm songs proved the ultimate challenge for me...not led zep, deep purple, queen, but foreigner stuff.

i guess there's always that one artist...lol!!!

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