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The "power push"

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Here's a question:

If you where doing the classic "ssss" breathing exercise where you sustain a long "ssss" sound, and suddenly did a technically correct "power push" (which could probably also called "an increased support" or "a very strong support"), just like Jamie Vendera describes it in his book, Raise your voice II, the "ssss" should NOT get louder, right?

But it WOULD get louder if you sucked your stomach in, right?

If I'm correct, that would be one easy way to check if you're doing the power push correctly.

Am I correct here?



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i havent read Jaimes book but i can tell you that i dont like the term "power push" because to me it brings about images of blowing more air when in fact support is about making the flow of air more consistent and steady, often resulting in less air flow. what support can do however is increase the compression in the colour of air under the glottis. increased air pressure. as for the physical aspect i would say the top of the belly stays out (the bit just under the sternum)or some advocate pushing that out, whilst the abs (lower part of the belly) comes in (and continues to slowly come further in the more air you use up). i would think that if you are apply the support correctly you would have the choice as whether you wanted to make the ssss louder rather than it being just one or the other.

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