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Support - the push and pull - a bit confused

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Dear All,

For my first post, I apologise for bringing up a regular subject on support, but I am confused by a post from 2009 where Martin H describes support/breath management thus:

"During singing, the waist muscles and solar plexus are pushed outwards, the abdomen around the navel is gradually pulled in in a constant and sustained manner, and the back muscles are tightened"

Generally, most seemed to agree with him on this and I know it's a CVT method.

What throws me is how one can push out in two areas (waist/solar plexus) whilst simultaneously bringing in the abs around the navel.

The only way to get anywhere close to the sensation for me is the commode action which feels like pushing downwards not outwards whilst tensing/contracting the abs which naturally move inwards and up slightly.

Is this right ? If so, it's hard to achieve a delicate balance, cos most often the tensing sensation rides up and constricts the throat for me on higher notes.

Any light shed would be most appreciated.:)

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