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anyone know anything about this?

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this is called "lou gramm formerly of foreigner" i stubbled upon on amazon.com

he sounds so un-lou gramm...i never even heard of this release. have you?


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tommy, lou's been through a lot of bad stuff. hansen is good, but gramm had more dynamics, grit, and sheer intensity.

i've got an email into the record co. i've got to know if that's him. he sounds so different.

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To be honest I haven't listened to much of the new guy so I'm not familiar with the vocal details. Actually, although I liked Foreigner back in the day, when they first came out, I never really studied Lou's voice or listened to Foreigner a whole lot.

What I know of Hansen only comes from a song I heard and a preview for a concert. In those short clips I was like ...what? that's not Lou Gramm? This is even the first time I'm hearing his name :) I'm sure if I made a good comparison of the two I'd notice the difference more. Like the new guy for Journey. NOT like Steve Perry IMO.


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tommy, i don't want to bore the rest of the folks with my lou gramm posts (i'm a huge lou gramm fan). lou gramm is one of those singers who if you take the time to listen to him, you can really learn to appreciate just how skilled he was.

truly amazing vocal ability. i turned a lot of the folks on the forum on to him.

but a lot of foreigner was top 40 stuff, and his voice went unnoticed by a lot of hard core rock fans. he really never got the credit he deserved.

he was foreigner like freddy mercury was queen. they are two very unique voices.

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Yea, I'm sure there is a lot of stuff I missed. But, I am familiar enough to know how great a singer he is. I mean, I have "attempted" to sing along :D Double vision, Dirty White Boy, Long Long Way from home......forget about it!

It's like, I get most of the song and feel good until "those parts!" If you know what I mean.:)


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I've seen that video above before. Tough to watch. Very sad.

Kelly Hansen is great for Foreigner. For a long time, I didn't want ANY part of Foreigner with him on vocals. I didn't give it a chance. Then, I caught a concert on HDNet, and was very surprised. At first listen, the Gramm similarities are present, in the sense of overall tonality. But the more you listen, the more you hear the differences. Hansen has a bit of a cleaner tone, and less of the punchy wallop Gramm used to deliver.

To me, Gramm will always be an icon. I think one of the reasons he didn't get the recognition he deserved is because the average Joe doesn't really understand the degree of difficulty in singing many of the Foreigner songs.

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web, you have to know i'd be coming after you on this remark...lol!!!

first off, lou gramm had a non-malignant brain tumor removed that almost killed him, which seriously damaged his pituitary gland.

sources close to him said he's on a daily regimen of all kinds of meds.

contrary to popular belief, he has had "some" vocal training, even thought of teaching vocals.

there's no way he could have sang the songs he did without some degree of it. as validar said, his songs are very challenging and he really gave it his all...i've seen early foreinger over a dozen times. from the shows i went to, he was amazing live.

i invite you to check out these songs other than the more familar ones we know:

the places he takes his voice are truly amazing

foreigner - blinded by science

foreinger - i'm gonna win

foreigner - heaven on our side

shadow king - you don't even know i'm alive

foreigner - that was yesterday

foreigner - heart turns to stone

foreigner - break it up

foreigner - rain

in this unflattering video, one of the worst, he shows signs of being a little doped up. the way he was pronouncing his words was indicating that. the way he pronounced "waiting" was a clue that something was not quite right with him that day.

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Bad technique only lasts so long, poor guy

Nuff said

What does that mean? Did Lou sing wrong?


I just did some listening and comparisons. Actually it didn't take much. I listened to a couple of Foreigner songs (Gramm) and then listened to Hansen. Specifically Cold as Ice. At a quick listen there is a similarity but now that I listen there is more difference than similarity. Even how he pronounces some words.

And you're right about the lack of grit


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